"Web design" is the first step for entrepreneurs when establishing their business. Through various acquisition channels, a website serves not only to showcase products and services but also to collect data and improve business conversion rates. Customized web design can highlight the company's brand and philosophy, increase consumer trust, and enhance the corporate brand image.

Skying Technology provides a one-stop "web design" service, from website planning and development to online marketing strategy. We are actively involved throughout the process and provide professional advice. Our web design team also considers important factors such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that our clients' websites can gain more exposure, attract more traffic, and truly achieve business growth.

1-on-1 Personalized Follow-up

1-on-1 dedicated follow-up, providing professional advice for your website. We take into consideration your specific needs and provide the most suitable website planning advice and solutions.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

Our web design services are based on transparent and fair pricing. Our web design team provides a quote based on the client's "actual needs" and avoids adding unnecessary features or hidden charges.

Professional Website Planning

Our web design team considers the client's marketing needs and conducts thorough website planning. Our goal is to create a website that helps our clients generate more business. We sincerely hope that our designed website can contribute to your success.

Customize Design

We do not simply modify templates with generic images and text for delivery. We take into consideration your business nature, product positioning, and target audience to custom design a website that is unique and tailored specifically for you.

Tutorial Videos

The business market can change rapidly, but with our services, we not only create your website but also provide tutorial videos on website modifications. This allows you to quickly respond to market changes, staying one step ahead. We've got you covered!

SEO Optimization Framework

Professional "Web Design" is no longer just about aesthetics and visual appeal. It now requires the integration of marketing thinking. We utilize an SEO-friendly framework to create websites that are prepared for your online marketing needs!

How important is web design?

How important is WEB DESIGN?

Web design plays an extremely important role in the modern era of the internet. A visually appealing and high-quality website has a significant impact on enhancing company image and achieving business results.

Firstly, web design directly impacts the appearance and visual appeal of a website. A thoughtfully designed website can capture visitors' attention and convey the professional image and values of a company. By effectively utilizing colors, layout design, images, and visual elements, a unique website can be created, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Furthermore, web design is crucial for enhancing user experience. A well-designed website ensures easy navigation and clear content structure, allowing visitors to find the desired information effortlessly. Additionally, fast page loading speed and responsive design provide a smooth browsing experience, increasing visitor engagement and interaction opportunities on the site.

In addition, web design also impacts search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. Proper web design can optimize website structure, content tags, and keywords, improving its ranking and visibility in search engines. This is crucial for attracting more relevant visitors and increasing business conversion rates.

Web design is a crucial factor in creating visually appealing and high-quality websites. It not only enhances company image but also improves user experience, increases search engine visibility, and ultimately drives business growth and success. Therefore, valuing web design is an essential step for any business to establish a strong online presence.



We offer a variety of web design solutions with pricing determined by project complexity, functional requirements, and client specifications. Our prices are reasonable and competitive, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality web design services to help clients achieve their business objectives. Please contact us to obtain a detailed quote and discuss your web design needs.

The best to start
Responsive Design within 8 pages
Content Management System (CMS)
Website Banner and Image Design
WhatsApp Instant Contact Button
Online Contact Form
SEO Framework
Website Management Tutorial
Free domain for the first year and 2GB hosting
The Most popular
Responsive Design within 12 pages
Content Management System (CMS)
Website Banner and Image Design
WhatsApp Instant Contact Button
Online Contact Form
SEO Framework
Website Management Tutorial
Free domain for the first year and 5GB hosting
The Premium Option
9,800 UP
Number of Pages: To be discussed
Tailor Made Function
Website Banner and Image Design
WhatsApp Instant Contact Button
Online Contact Form
SEO Framework
Website Management Tutorial
Free domain for the first year and 10GB hosting


Selected Cases

Explore our carefully curated collection of outstanding projects that showcase our expertise and creativity in web design. These selected showcases highlight the successful outcomes we have achieved for our clients, demonstrating the exceptional quality and innovation we bring to each project.

Hidden Gems Travel










Momo Valley




Web Design Process

We follow a clear set of steps in our web design process, including project exploration, sketch design, visual design, content creation, development, testing, and deployment. Through this process, we ensure smooth execution and successful completion of web design projects.

Discussion of Website Requirements and Functionality
Gain a detailed understanding of the client's website requirements and functionality needs.
Provide the client with a detailed price quotation for web design services.
Quotation Confirmation
Client confirms the quotation and agrees to proceed with the web design work.
Deposit Payment
Make a deposit payment based on the agreed pricing structure. For amounts below HK$10,000, full payment is required. For amounts above HK$10,001, a 50% deposit is required.
Domain Name Selection
Determine the website's domain name or URL.
Content Submission
Client provides the required content and materials for the website.
Design Completion
Upon receiving complete materials, we will complete the web design within 14 working days.
Preview and Revision
Necessary modifications and adjustments are made based on client feedback and requirements.
Website Launch
Once the modifications are completed, the website is migrated to the live online environment.
Training and Support
Provide website usage training via Google Meet and offer technical support within one month after completion.



We have compiled a list of common web design issues, including responsive design, website speed, compatibility, and user experience. Our professional team is capable of addressing these issues to ensure that your website excels in all aspects and provides an exceptional user experience.

The time required for web design depends on various factors, including the size, complexity, design style, and client's requirements of the website. Generally, a simple website may take around 14 working days, while a complex website could require several months to complete.

To proceed with website development, please prepare the following information and email it to design@skyingtechnology.com. Avoid sending images via WhatsApp as it may affect the image quality.

1️⃣ Company Logo
2️⃣ Desired website pages, such as Home, About Us, Services, etc.
3️⃣ Website content and text in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format. Please separate and present each page's content clearly.
4️⃣ Images for the website. If you don't have any, we can handle it.
5️⃣ Preferred domain names. Please provide three options for us to check availability.
6️⃣ Websites you like as a reference for design style.
7️⃣ Product information (if applicable): Product names, images, and brief descriptions.

Please gather and send these details to the provided email address. Our design team will use this information to proceed with the website development process.

Our web design services have a certain pricing standard.

The cost of web design varies based on different client requirements, complexity level, and the amount of time required for website development. Generally, pricing is determined based on three main principles:

  1. Number of Pages: The more pages a website has, the longer it takes to create, and the higher the web design cost.

  2. Website Languages: If a website requires multiple languages, the number of pages will multiply accordingly, resulting in increased charges.

  3. Website Functionality: Basic website functionality is typically included in web design services. However, advanced or custom features may incur additional fees.

These factors are taken into consideration when calculating the pricing for web design services.

As an ethical web design company, we do not charge any hidden fees or additional costs. During the quotation process, we provide a clear and transparent breakdown of all the cost items, including design, development, maintenance, and support.

If any additional work or expenses are required during the project, we promptly communicate with the client and provide a separate quote for the additional services. This ensures that the client is fully aware of all the costs involved and can proceed with the additional work only if they agree to the terms. We value the trust and satisfaction of our clients and are committed to providing transparent, fair, and responsible services.

Generally, website modifications and maintenance can be done using website building tools, content management systems (CMS), or other related software. These tools allow you to easily update content, change images, add new pages, modify website design, and more. However, if the website you require does not have a relevant CMS system, we recommend contacting a professional web design company or developer for modifications and maintenance to ensure the normal operation and security of the website.

Yes, the ownership of the website belongs to you after completion. As the client, you have the freedom to use, modify, and manage the website as you see fit. If you have any questions or need to discuss ownership and copyright matters regarding the website, please communicate with us.


What are the differences between hiring a web design company and doing it yourself?

If you're considering web design, you may face a question: whether to hire a professional web design company or do it yourself. This decision depends on your needs and resources.

Professional knowledge and experience

Web design companies have professional designers and developers who possess extensive knowledge and experience. They have the expertise to understand clients' needs and design unique and market-trending websites based on brand identity and goals. They are familiar with the latest design tools and technologies, enabling them to provide high-quality design and development services.

Professional design and quality assurance

Professional web design companies prioritize attention to detail and quality control. They create unique design solutions based on client requirements and design guidelines, ensuring consistency in the appearance and functionality of the website. They conduct testing and optimization to ensure smooth operation and excellent user experience.

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